Donovan Lynch and former Bad Girls Club star Deshayla Harris were among individuals shot and killed in three separate incidents in Virginia Beach, Virginia on Friday (March 26).

Boxing legend Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker was killed Sunday night after being hit by a car in Virginia Beach.

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The entire ordeal took place at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center. Wavy reported that while several employees made it out safely, quite a few were in fact injured.

Pharrell Williams plans a multicultural event merging music, art, fashion, and food. It is to feature around 25 national acts.

Forbes has released its full list of the best cities in the United States  where African-Americans are doing best economically. Is your city on the list? Three Virginia cities made the list Richmond, Virginia Beach and Norfolk. Let’s keep doing our best Virginia. #GoVA  


  Deep-sea fishermen off Virginia Beach say they spotted and encountered what is believed to have been a Great White Shark. Captain Dan Clarren and other fishermen said the big fish was 15 foot long. That’s about two feet wider than their boat called ‘Long Time Comin.’ The fishermen believed the big fish was about […]

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From: Obama for America Press With less than 45 days until election day, President Obama will deliver remarks at a grassroots event in Virginia Beach, VA at the Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach on Thursday, September 27. While in Virginia Beach, the President will discuss the choice for Virginians in this election between two fundamentally […]

President Barack Obama will kick-off a two-day tour in Virginia starting this Friday. The president will attend several grassroots events over the weekend. He will urge Congress to prevent tax increases on the 98% of families who earn under $250,000 a year. President Obama believes our economy grows from the middle out and not from […]

A Navy F/A-18 fighter jet crashed into an apartment complex in Virginia Beach, Virginia just after take off. The Navy believes the crash on Friday was a “catastrophic” engine failure that caused the crash. Several people were injured in Friday’s crash, including two pilots, who managed to eject. Governor Bob McDonnell issued a statement calling Friday’s […]


A Commonwealth prosecutor said Wednesday that Michael Vick was involved in a confrontation during his 30th birthday, but had no knowledge of the shooting that took place following his departure. The attorney, Harvey Bryant, did not give details of the altercation, but said that Vick did not do “anything that would amount to aggressive or […]


First, we knew him as a freak of nature who lead Virginia Tech to a National Championship game as a college quarterback.  Then, he redefined the quarterback position in the NFL, leading the Atlanta Falcons to success on the field and into the playoffs.  His brother, Marcus, was a trouble maker at Tech, but Michael […]

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Quanis Phillips, former dog-fighting buddy of Michael Vick, was shot after crashing the NFL quarterbacks birthday party at Guadalajara nightclub in Virginia Beach over the weekend. Witnesses say that Phillips, who was an uninvited guest, was asked to leave the party by Vick and his brother. Phillips became irate with Vick and after some bickering […]