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Quanis Phillips, former dog-fighting buddy of Michael Vick, was shot after crashing the NFL quarterbacks birthday party at Guadalajara nightclub in Virginia Beach over the weekend. Witnesses say that Phillips, who was an uninvited guest, was asked to leave the party by Vick and his brother. Phillips became irate with Vick and after some bickering Phillips slapped a piece of birthday cake off the plate of a witness and into the face of the NFL star. “Michael didn’t react. I was surprised,” a witness at the bash said.

Phillips eventually left the party but didn’t do it quietly. Witnesses said he was even yelling and screaming obscenities in the parking lot after being escorted from the party. Moments later shots rang out from the parking lot and Phillips had to be rushed to Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital before being treated and released. Police officials said no arrests have been made, but the shooting is still under investigation.