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First, we knew him as a freak of nature who lead Virginia Tech to a National Championship game as a college quarterback.  Then, he redefined the quarterback position in the NFL, leading the Atlanta Falcons to success on the field and into the playoffs.  His brother, Marcus, was a trouble maker at Tech, but Michael had captivated the country with his ability to avoid sacks, make defenders miss and win games.

Then, we learned he had a darker side.  The dog fighting fiasco shined the spotlight on Vick even more than his remarkable career already had.  He spent more than a year in jail during the prime of his career and some doubted whether he would ever return to his former glory, or the NFL at all.

But the Philadelphia Eagles gave him his chance, as a third stringer, and even in limited action, it seemed the NFL and its fans were ready to welcome Vick back with pretty open arms.  After the Eagles traded Donovan McNabb to the Washington Football Team during the offseason, Vick appeared one Kevin Kolb injury away from finally becoming a starter in the NFL again.

But now, just after his 30th birthday, one that many NFL players, especially quick, skill players dread, Vick’s future is again in limbo.  Whether he pulled the trigger, ordered the shooting or had no idea it was going on, only Vick knows for sure.  But already, after scraping only the surface of the investigation, police uncovered inconsistencies in his story, rekindling the flames of doubt surrounding Vick’s credibility, honesty and intelligence.

We will continue to follow the story as it progresses, and below you can find links to all of our posts as the Michael Vick saga has continued to unfold.

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