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Deep-sea fishermen off Virginia Beach say they spotted and encountered what is believed to have been a Great White Shark. Captain Dan Clarren and other fishermen said the big fish was 15 foot long. That’s about two feet wider than their boat called ‘Long Time Comin.’

The fishermen believed the big fish was about 3 miles off of the coast of Virginia Beach.  They moved another 5 miles during the 3-and-a-half hours they tried to bring it on board, reports WRIC.

Captain McClarren said, ‘it eventually got to the point where the line was frayed enough and the fish got loose and he was gone and unharmed and, hopefully, somebody else gets to fight him another day,”

Did the deep-sea fishmen really spot a Great White Shark off the coast of Virginia Beach? There is no confirmation at this point. Marine police did not receive any reports of a Great White Shark in the area at the time.


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