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A Commonwealth prosecutor said Wednesday that Michael Vick was involved in a confrontation during his 30th birthday, but had no knowledge of the shooting that took place following his departure.

The attorney, Harvey Bryant, did not give details of the altercation, but said that Vick did not do “anything that would amount to aggressive or assaultive conduct.

“He’s an athlete and an entertainer, but he’s also a human being, and things that would tick you and I off would tick him off,” Bryant said. “But he extricated himself from those things and left with the help and encouragement of some of his friends and supporters.”

Bryant also said that Vick left the party about three to five minutes prior to the shooting and had no knowledge that it was going to occur. Bryant said Vick “was not aware of whether or not anyone was going to be shot, was threatened to be shot or anything to do with any of that business.”

Bryant also said that he thought Vick had been forthright and truthful throughout the process, something that he wasn’t during his dog fighting investigation.

“He has sat down with Virginia Beach detectives and answered all their questions and, in our view, has been cooperative … and I should say cooperative and truthful,” Bryant said.

The only lingering problems for Vick could come from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who could still suspend Vick for violating the NFL’s Personal Conduct policy, even if he is not charged by police. Also, the fact that the shooting victim, Quanis Phillips, was a co-defendant during the dog fighting case could be a violation of Vick’s probation, as he was not supposed to interact with any of his former associates.

Rumors that Vick could be released by the Philadelphia Eagles were quickly denied by the team last week, and the story has only gotten better for Vick since, which is likely a good sign for those hoping to see him on the field again this season.