Civil Rights & Social Justice

Today's white conservatives pretend to want wide American unity when what they really want is simply unity in pushing forward an anti-Black, anti-human agenda. The post 192 House Republicans Voted To Restore A Confederate Monument Depicting White Soldiers And Black ‘Mammies’ appeared first on NewsOne.

Just think about how common this kind of thing must be in the city of Pearl, which is in the Jackson area of Mississippi, if this officer of the law felt so comfortable treating a detainee this way that he would do it in front of security cameras and take photos of his own to document it. The post Former Mississippi Cop Gets Just 1 Year In Prison For Forcing Latino Man To Suck Urine Off Of Jail Cell Floor appeared first on NewsOne.

White people will never admit their "anti-white" narrative is actually just their white inauthentic tearsy response to pro-Black and pro-POC activism and the denial that anti-Black racism isn't real, despite all the data that indicates it' is and there being no data to support the existence of anti-white racism. The post Texas Group To Hold Conference To ‘Start Fighting Back’ Against The ‘War On White America’ appeared first on NewsOne.

The Karens are telling us straight out that their ultimate goal is to Make American Jim Crow Again. The post The Latest Karen Is Toilet Karen And She’s Telling Us She’s Here to Make America Jim Crow Again appeared first on NewsOne.

Ava DuVernay announced that Linda Fairstein's lawsuit over the "When They See Us" series was settled and she got "no payment." The post Ava DuVernay Goes In On Ex-Prosecutor Linda Fairstein, Who Got ‘No Payment’ For ‘When They See Us’ Lawsuit appeared first on NewsOne.

Right-wing group Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against Evanston, Illinois, for offering a reparations program to Black residents. The post Right-Wing Hater Group Files Class-Action Lawsuit Against Chicago Suburb Over Reparations Program appeared first on NewsOne.

Apparently, Dare's Nazi-neck-tats, which were easily visible when he wore a collarless shirt (like an undershirt, for example, in a locker room), just didn't raise any eyebrows on their own. They only became an issue after Dare's failed vanishing act and the public's review of his social media--which Dare's colleagues and bosses could also have easily seen.   The post N.J. Trooper Fired After Nazi-Affiliated ‘Blood Honor’ Tattoos Were Discovered Following Unrelated Investigation appeared first on NewsOne.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

The NAACP is threatening to reinstate a travel advisory against American Airlines after a group of Black men sued for racial discrimination. The post NAACP Threatens To Reinstate American Airlines Travel Advisory After ‘Recent Discriminatory Actions’ appeared first on NewsOne.

Wendell Pierce called it "racism" that he was denied an apartment rental by a white landlord in Harlem despite the veteran actor's considerable wealth. The post Wendell Pierce Says White Landlord Denied Him An Apartment, Draws Attention To Fearless Fund Case appeared first on NewsOne.

Federal judges appointed by Donald Trump blocked for a second time the Fearless Fund from offering a grant to Black woman entrepreneurs. The post Trump Appointed Judges Block Fearless Fund From Offering Capital To Black Woman Entrepreneurs appeared first on NewsOne.

Virginia’s Shenandoah County school board voted to restore the names of two schools named for Confederate soldiers. The post Virginia Board Votes To Restore School Names Honoring The Confederacy, And Rewrites History To Justify It appeared first on NewsOne.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk defended Ole Miss student JP Staples, who got kicked out of his frat for making racist monkey noises toward a Black student. The post Mediocre White Man Charlie Kirk Defends Racist Ole Miss Student Who Got Kicked Out Of Frat Over Monkey Noises appeared first on NewsOne.