Civil Rights & Social Justice

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has openly championed banning books, claims the narrative around book bans in Florida is a hoax and supports policies to limit book objections. The post DeSantis Blames ‘Activists’ For Rampant Book Bans In Florida, But It’s Actually His Fault appeared first on NewsOne.

Southwick Regional High School students in Massachusetts are accused of of creating a "slave auction" in a Snapchat group called "Black people are low class." The post High School Students Accused Of Creating Online ‘Slave Auction’ In ‘Black People Are Low Class’ Snapchat Group appeared first on NewsOne.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

We hope these select short and rare clips of Malcolm X speaking will inspire you just as they continue to inspire many of us. The post Malcolm X In His Own Words: Rare Videos Of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz That Are Still Relevant appeared first on NewsOne.

Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett spread false rumors that a Black man named Denton Loudermill was arrested for the Kansas City shooting. The post Black Man Falsely ID’ed As ‘Illegal Immigrant’ At Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shooting Has Life Ruined By GOP Lies appeared first on NewsOne.

The Guardian Angels group of vigilantes recently attacked a brown-skinned "migrant" who turned out to be an American citizen, and it was all recorded on video by Fox News. The post Video Shows Xenophobic ‘Guardian Angels’ Vigilante Group Attack ‘Migrant’ Who’s Actually US Citizen appeared first on NewsOne.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

The police shooting of Eboni Pouncy by Harris County Sheriff's deputies is "reminiscent" to Breonna Taylor's shooting, Ben Crump said. The post Woman Shot By Texas Cops In Friend’s Home Is ‘Reminiscent’ Of Breonna Taylor Shooting, Crump Says appeared first on NewsOne.

Republicans are attacking Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and calling to "deport" her after they misunderstood her speech to Somalis. The post Republicans Want To Censure And ‘Deport’ Rep. Ilhan Omar For Saying Something She Never Said appeared first on NewsOne.

The trial for the officer charged in the 2020 shooting death of Casey Goodson Jr. began Wednesday. The post RIP Casey Goodson Jr.: Trial Begins For Ex-Cop Who Shot Black Man 6 Times In The Back appeared first on NewsOne.

Jason Whitlock interviewed antisemite author E. Michael Jones, co-signed his antisemitism, removed it and pretended it never happened. The post Jason Whitlock Removes Interview Of ‘Antisemite’ Who Said ‘Jews Created A Plantation For Black People’ appeared first on NewsOne.

A statue of Jackie Robinson was stolen from McAdams Park in Wichita, Kansas. Later it was found burned in a trash can. The post Somebody Lynched A Jackie Robinson Statue In Kansas appeared first on NewsOne.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

A criminologist and George Floyd case witness said bodycam video shows the Minnesota cop who killed Ricky Cobb didn't follow protocol. The post George Floyd Criminologist: Minnesota Cop Accused Of Murdering Ricky Cobb Didn’t Follow Police Protocol appeared first on NewsOne.

Mediocre white man Charlie Kirk doubled down on racist claims in a deleted social media post that Yusef Salaam and other Exonerated 5 members were guilty. The post Mediocre White Man Charlie Kirk Defends Deleted Racist Post Criminalizing Yusef Salaam, Exonerated 5 appeared first on NewsOne.