King Tutt

We always want our kids to make the grade but it all starts at home with us as Fathers to lead by example and make our own grade!!!

Men love to be "the man" and take all the credit, but without that strength and nurturing nature of this woman, I could not be the father to my kids that I am today!!!

Before his TV success, Conde made his broadcasting debut on as a radio DJ on Power 92, now known as iPower Richmond, in 1989 when he teamed up with Katie P to co-host a popular morning show.

My wife Linette never forgets to remind me that I am a wonderful father to my kids, regardless of my past, and I love her for that.

I used to take for granted the simple task of eating breakfast together but with my kids, it's a habit I never want to give up.

As our children grow, let them know when to be patient and rest. 

My kids make me proud every day of my life, even on their bad days. Life is a true blessing and to see my parents enjoy my kids is truly a gift.

Sign Up For Our Newsletter! As a renewed Father, I find myself doing so much that the days come and go but then I have to make certain days stand out because of special “moments.” The birth of my children, the first time I held and fed them, the first word, the first tooth, the […]

He attributes this sense of authenticity as one of the driving forces behind his comedic confidence.

We all know that a Mother has a natural "nurturing" bond with their kids but a Father has to lead by example and build the bond between Family members to last a lifetime.

Sometimes we get so caught up the hustle and bustle of life that we forget that we are being watched -- especially by our kids.

A vacation is truly a blessing and a necessity for soothing the body, mind, and soul.