Protesters against Governor Ralph Northam’s stay-at-home order are gathering in Richmond today. Northam announced that phase one of reopening Virginia after the Coronavirus pandemic will begin late next week. However, some protesters want the state to open now and not wait until next week. ReOpen Virginia and organizations like it in other states are supportive […]

ICE Deportation Raids Expected This Weekend! Communities are coming together to support immigrants living in Baltimore. City Leaders, immigrant advocacy groups and members of the faith community gathered in Baltimore, MD Friday evening to oppose this weekend’s expected ICE deportations. City Council president Brandon Scott announced to the crowd that, Baltimore is a welcoming city […]

Loyal White Knights of the KKK had a permit to host a peaceful rally in Hanover County, Virginia. The group was from North Carolina. The Hanover County sheriff’s office says a rally held by KKK supporters ended without any incidents on Saturday. The North Carolina group, the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan […]

In a speech that focused on unification and equality, Obama endorsed Northam as the candidate that can unify the people.


In a speech that focused on unification and equality, Obama endorsed Northam as the candidate that can unify the people.

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Several people were injured after fights broke out on the streets during the rally organized by White Nationalists and Neo-Confederates.

Tim Kaine, democratic vice presidential nominee, is the first Virginian chosen for a national ticket in 100 years. Virginia Senator Tim Kaine accepted his party’s nomination for Vice Presidential of the United States of America. Kaine is the running mate of the first female democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Democratic vice presidential nominee Senator Tim […]

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Once the two groups clashed, sticks, pieces of concrete and glass bottles were used as weapons. A TWP member told CNN the group was armed with knives and blades in advance.


Jeff Johnson brings to our attention a trial of Black Lives Matter protestors currently going on in L.A., even though those being tried were only involved in non-violent protests in the fall. He discusses the injustices of this trial as protestors at Trump rallies engage in harmful behavior without consequence. Click on the audio player to him explain more in […]

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Beyonce haters were talking tough on the internet all last week, but didn't even care to show up to their own anti-Bey rally.

Miss Community Clovia of Rolling For Freedom-VA and 9th District Councilwoman Michelle Mosby team up for a Restoration of Rights Rolling Rally stop for the people. Community Clo & Councilwoman Michelle Mosby believe in second chances for the people. Let’s help them get fully restored to society. It was a situation and now it’s time for restoration. Clovia “Miss […]

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Al Sharpton and the National Action Network  led a march Monday from the Tallahassee Leon Country Civic Center to the State Capitol to address ‘stand…