Flyers promoting the Confederate Knights of the Ku Klux Klan were found Sunday morning by residents of Henrico County in Virginia.

As if Governor Ralph Northam wasn’t already in enough hot water, now his wife, Pam Northam, has chosen to reinforce the allegations of racism currently swirling around her husband by contributing with her own questionable behavior.

Prominent black leaders in Virginia want to give Governor Ralph Northam a second chance. For more than a week now, Governor Northam has come under fire locally and nationally for a racist photo that appeared on his 1984  yearbook page. Yesterday, the governor found some allies. Five prominent figures in the Commonwealth’s black community spoke […]

Despite the mounting pressure, Gov. Northam is digging in, determined not to resign.

Despite the growing tension. Gov. Northam released a statement identifying his intentions to serve out the remainder of his term.

Judge David J. Hale rejected President Trump’s defense against a lawsuit that claims he provoked violence at one of his rallies.

On Tuesday night, the California Congresswomen got the last word on MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes."

Barry Brown filed a lawsuit against the NYPD for an alleged racially biased psychological screening.

A Black Florida Highway Patrol trooper says he was relieved that his children weren't there with him at the fast food eatery.

Breana Harmon Talbott was arrested by Denison, Texas, police and faces a misdemeanor charge for making a false report to authorities.

I’m proud to say that I’ve finally joined the masses of people blown away by comedic mastermind Jordan Peele’s thriller Get Out. I’ve never been a horror movie fan but from the time I saw the trailer, I knew that it wasn’t going to be the typical stab and slash flick. From the beginning of […]

Who actually thought that comparing being intoxicated to the sanctity of Black lives was a good idea?