According to reports, Suge filed a lawsuit against Dre, claiming that he hired a hitman to kill him over Beats By Dre.

The biopic cut deeper than Lifetime's usual brand of victim-porn by showing a single Black woman's struggle to navigate an industry that was built to prey on her.

When Straight Outta Compton debuted last year, Hollywood was buzzing over the movie about the rise of NWA that became an instant hit. But among all the chatter were whispers wondering why Michel’le Toussaint was nowhere to be found in the narrative even though she was a huge part of their history. By the time Surviving […]

Michel'le pulled no punches (no pun intended) in her Lifetime biopic, which depicts the singer's allegedly abusive relationship with Dr. Dre.

Last year as the world watched Straight Outta Compton break box-office records and become a hit with both fans and critics alike, those who were actually apart of the story were left wondering why much of the story about the physical abuse that N.W.A. member Dr. Dre inflicted upon the women in his past relationships […]

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6 2012 and Virginia is declared a battleground state. If a candidate wins Virginia they are likely to win an election. First Lady Michelle Obama is on the campaign stomp for the re-election of Barack Obama as president. She believes that he deserves a second-term to finish what he started […]

R&B singer Michel’le made headlines last week when she shared a story laced with intense details of how abusive Dr. Dre allegedly was during their previous relationship.…

In 2012, a nine-year study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics concluded intimate partner violence accounted for 21% of all violent victimizations committed by immediate…

The Road to Greatness Before Michelle Obama became The First Lady of the United States of America, she was the daughter of Marian and Fraser Robinson. Michelle Obama was born and raised on the South side of Chicago with her parents and older brother. She attended Princeton University where she studied Sociology and African-American studies. In […]

Miss Community Clovia of Rolling For Freedom-VA and 9th District Councilwoman Michelle Mosby team up for a Restoration of Rights Rolling Rally stop for the people. Community Clo & Councilwoman Michelle Mosby believe in second chances for the people. Let’s help them get fully restored to society. It was a situation and now it’s time for restoration. Clovia “Miss […]

Have you been convicted a felony? Senator A. Donald McEachin introduced the ‘ban the box” SB250, the purpose is to raise awareness about the difficulties facing ex-offenders trying to find employment and current legislation seeking to help them reintegrate successfully into society. The “Ban the Box” bill passed out of the Senate General Laws and Technology […]

Picture courtesy of Getty Images First Lady Michelle Obama’s second  inaugural gown will be on  display. Mrs Obama’s ruby-colored chiffon gown custom made by designer Jason Wu for the 2013 Inaugural Ball will be  on display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. The inaugural gown will be part of the “First Ladies Collection” […]