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Election Day is Tuesday, November 6 2012 and Virginia is declared a battleground state. If a candidate wins Virginia they are likely to win an election. First Lady Michelle Obama is on the campaign stomp for the re-election of Barack Obama as president. She believes that he deserves a second-term to finish what he started four years ago.

I asked Mrs. Obama during our interview “woman to woman, mother to mother, family, community and America what is at stake if we don’t get out to the polls and vote on November 6?” Mrs. Obama said, “one day after the inauguration he walked into office where the economy was on the brink of collapse; mortgages were under water; banks were not lending; companies were not hiring and the auto industry was going under. The economy was loosing 800,000 jobs every single month.” In three and a half years, he has stabilized the economy, 5.1 million jobs were created under this president; thirty consecutive months of job growth; ended the war Iraq and healthcare reform.”

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