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African American man having his hair braided

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I know reading the title of this article may have already turned some away but hear me out (This tip is mainly for Black people traveling to Black countries). Travel prep can get overwhelming, not only having to make sure everything you need is packed for the duration of your trip, plus making sure all your at home and work responsibilities are covered, we can’t forget about making your time on vacation as effortless as possible. Planning out the right shoes, outfits, jewelry and of course your hairstyle is extremely important!

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When traveling as a Black woman, I personally like to have my hair in braids which includes twists or locs. Normally I braid my own hair but to take one less thing off my plate before going on vacation, I like to get it done by someone else. So far I’ve been able to get my hair done in two countries, Senegal and Ghana. I’m encouraging others to do the same when you travel as this not only contributes to the economy in another way outside of tourism, it also helps that stylist build up their cliental, it’s usually a lot cheaper than in America and the experience is one you’ll never forget. Checkout the videos below of me getting my hair done Dakar, Senegal and Accra, Ghana. Make sure to leave a comment if you’ve done this before too!

Senegalese Twists In Dakar, Senegal

Braids In Accra, Ghana

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