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Step away from that cookie if you want to keep your boyfriend or husband, ladies.

A survey conducted by AskMen.com and Cosmopolitan magazine has revealed some interesting results.

Men are more concerned with their partner’s body type than women are, according to a poll released by Cosmopolitan magazine.

A new survey of 70,000 people across the country showed that 48% of men would dump a woman who gained too much weight, compared with only 20% of women would stop seeing their man when faced with the situation.

The poll found that over 1/3 of men believe that women start to lose their looks at the age of 40, while 1/4 believe that a woman is beyond her prime after 50. The same was true of women, though a further 23% believe a man will never lose his looks.

The poll also found that men are more likely to lie about the number of sex partners they have had, and 42% said that they would consider a woman sexually promiscuous if she had slept with over 10 men.

By contrast, almost the same number of women said that they would consider a man overly promiscuous after 20 sexual partners.

18% of men admitted they had told a woman he loved her for the sole purpose of sleeping with them.

In what is likely to be a further blow to women’s relationship confidence, 2/3rds of men admitted that they had fantasized about their girlfriend/wife’s friends – though women are not guilt-free, with 1/3 having done the same.

And interestingly, “size” does matter — but much more so for men than for women, according to the survey.

51% of men even admitted that they would like to be better endowed – though just 18% of women wished that of their partner.

James Bassil, editor-in-chief of AskMen.com, which conducted the survey with Cosmopolitan magazine explained that differing attitudes between men and women towards relationships had not changed over the years.

He said: ‘Even as men are getting more comfortable with meeting their girlfriends online… other romantic behaviors have proven to be timeless ones: chivalry isn’t dead, size matters, and women forgive while men forget.’

Would you leave your significant other if they gained too much weight? Exactly how much is too much?

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