On her wedding day, Jessica Port wore a tan and black dress to match the tan button-down shirt and patterned necktie of her spouse-to-be, Virginia Anne Cowan. They took a vacation from their home in Washington D.C. to a San Francisco courthouse to get married since California allows same-sex marriages. “We were just like every […]

Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald admitted that an inner rage brewed long before an exchange of words that ended with the deadly stabbing of Dean Schmitz outside a bar in south Minneapolis last year. The pressures of being transgendered — namely, fear of rejection and of hostile reactions from others — resulted in spite and hatefulness, said […]

Less than a year after Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, committed to play football at UCLA, state taxpayers are calling on the well-heeled freshman to turn over his $54,000 scholarship to students who need it more, reports Business Insider. In an interview with CNN, education contributor Dr. Steve Perry defended Combs’ merit-based scholarship, saying he earned […]

A Minnesota mother and her live-in boyfriend were arrested and jailed after police say they shaved the head of the woman’s 12-year-old daughter’s and forced her to run up and down their block in a diaper. A neighbor of the couple called police after she saw the girl begging her mother to allow her to […]

The daughter-in-law of Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman has been dismissed as a volunteer track coach at a small Eastern Oregon high school because she escorted a 17-year-old boy to the prom, reports AP. Melissa Bowerman, 41, who had been coaching the Condon/Wheeler track and field team with her 73-year-old husband, Jon Bowerman, was ousted this […]

A second-grader at Meridian Ranch Elementary school in Colorado Springs was pulled out of class on Wednesday for painting his face black, reports KRDO.com. Sean King dressed up as Martin Luther King, Jr. for a class project. “It was wax museum day for the second-graders and each one dressed up as a historical figure they […]

A woman was jailed for one day after letting her 12-year-old son get baptized without consulting the boy’s father, her ex-husband on the decision, reports the Daily Mail. Stephanie and Stephen Miller’s divorce contract states that decisions, including those on religious upbringing, about their children must be made together – and the boy’s mother was […]

Holidays and special occasions often have a way of creating the opposite effect of their designed intention. Instead of celebrating love and affection, they can be breaking points in a relationship. If you want to know what your significant other really thinks of you, a Valentine’s Day mishap or a forgotten anniversary can give an […]

Houston resident Jasmine Marks had an unforgettable experience connected with restaurant gratuity while eating out with her family last week. According to Houston’s NBC affiliate KPRC, Marks and her family were locked inside La Fisherman restaurant after they refused to pay the 17 percent tip that was automatically added to their bill. The reason, Marks […]

I recently ran across a very interesting article about women trying to get ahead professionally…. In the process of discussing an opportunity to co-anchor a TV news magazine show, I was asked a question that stopped me cold: “Are you married? I ask because some men don’t want their wives to travel away from home.” […]

Hey! Hey! Hey! . . . See you in court! An obese black lawyer filed a federal lawsuit yesterday against insurance giant AIG and a former supervisor, saying his white boss yelled out “Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s Fat Albert!” and other taunts. Earl Brown, 43, an Ivy league-educated lawyer, claimed in the civil-rights suit that […]

There is a growing trend amongst couples in the US to have separate his and her bedrooms. This type of sleeping arrangement hasn’t been seen since Victorian times. This trend came to light with a recent survey carried out by the National Association of Home Builders. The survey highlighted an increased demand for homes to […]