Virginia voters chose to send Democrat Tim Kaine back to the U.S. Senate.

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Surrounded by her family and close friends, Harris, California's sitting Attorney General, vowed to serve the people to her utmost ability.

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The Criminal Minds star set the record straight during a recent interview.

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A new poll revealed more than half of Donald Trump’s supporters have a negative view of African-Americans.

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Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell says that the people should have a voice in who selects the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice, but when he encourages the Senate Judiciary Committee to refuse to hold hearings on any nominee put forth by Barack Obama, he ignores the will of the people who twice elected him president of the United States.

  Radio One Presented the 2012 Senatorial Community Forum hosted by Clovia Lawrence on Saturday at the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond. U.S Senate candidate (D) Tim Kaine participated and candidate (R) George Allen declined the invitation to the forum. During the forum, Kaine answered questions from Lawrence, the moderator, and the audience on a wide range […]

Watch the senatorial live when it begins at noon Saturday.

Former Virginia Governor and U.S. Senator George Allen prevailed in Tuesday’s Republican primary defeating his three challengers for the senate seat. Allen received 65% voter support, Jamie Radtke 23%, Delegate Bob Marshall 6.75% and E.W. Jackson 5% U.S. Senate republican nominee George Allen will meet his challenger U.S. Senate democratic nominee Tim Kaine in November. This […]

Former Virginia Governor and U.S. Senator George Allen wants to regain his Senate seat in November. Allen received an endorsement from the National Rifle Association (NRA) in his bid to regain the seat he lost in 2006. The NRA’s Chris Cox said Allen has a, quote, “proven record of support of our right to keep […]

Tim Michael Kaine was born on February 26, 1958. During his time in office, Kaine has held multiple positions. They include, the 76th Mayor of Virginia (1988-2000), the 38th Lieutenant Governor of Virginia (2002 –2006), the 51st Chairman of the Democratic National Committee ( 2009 –2011) and the 70th Governor of Virginia (2006-2010). During Kaine’s term for Mayor […]

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          While President Obama plans to continue pushing his American Jobs Act around the country, the one constant in all of this is the Republicans refusal to support any measures offered by the White House.  As usual, not one Republican voted to put Americans back to work, leading to speculation that they have no intention […]