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Tim Michael Kaine was born on February 26, 1958. During his time in office, Kaine has held multiple positions. They include, the 76th Mayor of Virginia (1988-2000), the 38th Lieutenant Governor of Virginia (2002 –2006), the 51st Chairman of the Democratic National Committee ( 2009 –2011) and the 70th Governor of Virginia (2006-2010).

During Kaine’s term for Mayor of Richmond, the city experienced tax cuts, reduction in crime rate, and the construction of new schools. Richmond also gained a spot in Forbes Magazine for top 10 cities in America to do business.

            Currently Tim Kaine is running for U.S. Senate. “If I am elected to the Senate in 2012, I will take the lessons I’ve learned over a lifetime of public service to Washington and join with others who want to break through gridlock and find results for the best nation on earth,”stated Kaine on his website http://www.kaineforva.com/issues.

The honorable Tim Kaine shared with me his strategy to focus on education and workforce development. He said Virginia has done well but this needs to be done at the national level. Kaine said people are still hurting after a tough decade in America. “We are in a serious problem by losing the talent war on education”.

Tim Kaine said brain power, talent, education system, career training and workforce skills are those things that we must do better as a nation. Kaine said “that’s what I will focus on in the Senate”.

The senatorial primary is Tuesday, June 12, 2012. Register to vote or check your voter status at www.sbe.virginia.gov