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          While President Obama plans to continue pushing his American Jobs Act around the country, the one constant in all of this is the Republicans refusal to support any measures offered by the White House.  As usual, not one Republican voted to put Americans back to work, leading to speculation that they have no intention of getting anything done until after the 2012 elections.  Despite the majority of Americans being in support of the President’s plan, or any plan for that matter, which would put people back to work, the Republicans seem to be more interested in making certain that President Obama does not succeed in reviving the nation’s economy.  The apparent plan is to obstruct and delay any legislation that would portray the President in a positive light or help move the country forward.  The President says he will continue his push for jobs with a west coast swing beginning next week, and vows to force  Republicans to explain to the American people why they are against putting people back to work.