Luck’s Field

Miss Community’s softball team Rolling For Freedom-R4F spanked the Richmond Sheriff Office team 10-0. It was all in fun for the whole community. Congratulations to the Richmond Police team, Richmond Sheriff Office team, JJ Minor team, Rolling For Freedom-R4F team but to the big winner was C.A.V.E, Coaches Against Violence Everywhere. Luck’s Field was the […]

Miss Community Clooovia is broadcasting live from Luck’s Field the site of the Richmond Police and Community Softball Tournament today at 1926 T. Street on Churchill. Did I mention the free food? Talk about it JJ Minor, one of the sponsors of today’s event. Play here Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones and Richmond Chief of […]

Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones and Richmond Chief of Police released the latest crime report. According to the report, violent crime is up by 12-percent compared to last year. Property crimes are up like vehicle break-ins are on the rise. Also, the city murder rate is up by 11 homicides compared to 2015. We must […]