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Miss Community Clooovia is broadcasting live from Luck’s Field the site of the Richmond Police and Community Softball Tournament today at 1926 T. Street on Churchill. Did I mention the free food? Talk about it JJ Minor, one of the sponsors of today’s event. Play here

Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones and Richmond Chief of Police released the latest crime report. According to the report, violent crime is up by 12-percent compared to last year. Property crimes are up like vehicle break-ins are on the rise. Also, the city murder rate is up by 11 homicides compared to 2015.

We must stop the ‘them vs us’ attitude. I can’t speak for other jurisdiction but I know Richmond Police want to reduce crime all while bringing the community together. The police can’t do it alone they need us. Let’s play!

The Richmond Police Department, Richmond Sheriff Office, and Richmond Fire Department will take it back to Luck’s Field, the home of Sunday softball in Richmond for decades. The RPD, C.A.V.E, JJ Minor No Love, No Hate, and Rolling For Freedom-R4F will host the ‘Stop the Violence Community and Softball Tournament’ on Sunday, August 14, 2016 from 2 p.m- 7p.m. This is a free event with music, food, prizes, community resources and more. You are welcome to play on any team this Sunday.

Lt. Alston and Coach Maurice Tyler of C.A.V.E, thank you for spearheading this event! Virginia Department of Corrections Probation and Parole thank you for your support.

Luck’s Field Playground

1926 T Street

Richmond, VA 23223