Don Lemon

For a week now I have been discussing with you on this program, Donald Trump’s outreach to black America. Well, he got a lot of criticism for the way he framed it, but that didn’t stop Trump for doubling down in Akron, Ohio on Monday night by saying some urban, black neighborhoods are more dangerous […]

At last week’s Democratic convention Khizr Khan gave a moving tribute to his son who lost his life in 2004 in Iraq serving this country. During the same speech, Khan also had some very harsh words for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. “Donald Trump you are asking Americans to trust you with their future. Let […]

President Obama gave the speech of his life last night. I think it was one of the best speeches as President. Not only did he make the case for Hillary Clinton, but he made the case for himself and his legacy. Joe Biden: Trump doesn’t have a clue about middle class. The Democratic A-list on […]

The Republican National Convention got underway  in Cleveland yesterday. It started with a ruckus when Never Trump delegates tried unsuccessfully to force a floor vote to undermine Donald Trump’s nomination. That was true drama but it doesn’t compare to the controversy surrounding Melania Trump’s speech. If parts of it sounds familiar to you, it should […]

After the terrible tragedies suffered in the last week of this country, CNN held a town hall last night to try to bring about healing. Dallas police officer Patrick Zamarripa was killed last week. His father spoke to me last night about his son. “He didn’t see color. He didn’t care if you’re white, green, […]

I went to high school with the police chief. He graduated the year before me. The victim’s family attorney My nieces know Alton Sterling – not well- but they’ve bought CD’s and DVD’s from him at the local convenience store. One of my nieces does his aunt’s hair. They say in all their interactions with […]

If you blinked might have missed it. Seriously, if you weren’t in front of a television or listening on line or the radio – which most of us weren’t – around quitting time on Wednesday, you probably missed President Obama going on a rant. A rant is what he called it. Though he never mentioned […]

It’s still trending on social media. My mom sent me several links on Facebook. It was all over the news on TV, on radio and online. People were asking me about it wherever I went. What am I talking about? “This award – this is not for me. This is for the real organizers all […]

What happened on the floor of The House of Representatives on Wednesday during the day, Wednesday night and is still going on is nothing short of extraordinary. House Democrats took over the floor and staged a sit-in disrupting the work of congress, demanding a vote be held on gun legislation. It was a good old-fashioned […]

  The Trump campaign is trouble – real trouble!! And here’s how I know it: Not because he is running out of money – $1.3M on hand. Not because he fired his campaign manager – Corey Lewandowski. Not because he has anywhere from 30 to 70 people working for his campaign nationwide– maybe 29 or […]

Today, the President and Vice President will travel to Orlando, Florida to meet with families of victims of the attack and stand in solidarity with the Orlando community. And it’s not just getting to be a habit, it is a habit. I was in Aurora, Colorado when Mr. Obama traveled there to meet with families […]

We’ve been learning a lot about the 29-year-old man accused of killing 49 people and injuring more than 50 others in the pulse nightclub in Orlando a few nights ago. The most interesting thing that we have learned is that Omar Mateen may have been a self-hating gay man who was conflicted by his religion […]