valentines day

Are you planning to do something special this Valentine’s Day? Perhaps you’re preparing a romantic dinner. Whatever your plans, chances are you will receive chocolate as a Valentine’s Day gift… Over $1 billion worth of chocolate is purchased for Valentine’s Day in the U.S.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Too $hort has released a “Players Guide to Valentine’s Day” to help all the players-in-training survive the big day.…

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke with Tom Joyner about the one year anniversary of her “Let’s Move” campaign which is meant to bring awareness to childhood obesity around the world. She also revealed her plans for Valentine’s Day with the President. Will they spend it in the white house?? Take a listen below. Related: Michelle […]

In strengthening the core, a person has greater control over pelvic floor muscles and reproductive  organs. Harnessing this helps the individual release muscle tension and experience full body ecstasy. Yoga is an ideal way to get your sensual core in to shape.  Stamina and strength is sexy.  You’ll look better and feel sexier after regular […]

With Valentine’s Day steadily approaching many of you are scratching your heads, while squeezing pennies, trying to figure out how to wow your woman, without breaking the bank. Of course there are some ball-er shot callers out there who have the funds to go all out, but lack vision on what exactly to do with […]

Why are men so hard to buy gifts for? They don’t like shopping, they couldn’t give a damn about whether their sweater matches their shoes and they don’t really have much need for makeup or jewelry. There goes all the things I know about. I can buy a present for my brother’s girlfriend, who I […]

National Jumpoff Day, which we all know is February 13th came early this year for Cassie.  Diddy’s #1 jumpoff took to Twitter to post about her early Valentine’s Day.

Via: // By Hashim Warren As a single woman you know there’s only two choices for you on Valentine’s Day – sink in sadness because you don’t have a date, or completely flee the love carnival erupting around you. Well that’s not true for the modern woman, where single no longer equals lonely. Just […]