On August 6, 1965, a piece of legislation was signed that outlawed discriminatory voting practices that had been the culprit for widespead suppression of African American, Colored or Black voters in America. The language is clear under the 15 amendment, the Act prohibits states from imposing certain “voter qualifications or prerequisite” to vote or standard practice […]

National Radio Host and Best-Selling Author Michael Baisden launches his new book “Maintenance Man ll: Money, Politics and Sex: Everyone Has A Price” Baisden will host a seminar, book signing and business mixer at the Trinity Family Life Center in Richmond tonight starting at 7. Michael Baisden is a Best-Selling Author, Film maker, Activist and […]

Entertainment News

The New York Post reports that during a book signing at the store BookHampton, former Celebrity Apprentice and The View favorite, Star Jones was served with court papers by her ex-husband, Al Reynolds. Sources said that Reynolds had difficulty serving Jones the papers since he filed a lawsuit against her in May for allegedly breaking […]