94-year-old former South African President Nelson Mandela is in the hospital due to a lung infection. Mandela has been treated for lung ailments before, when he suffered from tuberculosis during his 27-year-imprisonment. He has had a number of respiratory infections over the years. Mandela was admitted to a hospital just before midnight Wednesday “due to the recurrence of […]

Cape Town -U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrapped up her 11-tour in South Africa on Wednesday. Her tour ended with a speech at the University of Western Cape, honoring it as “vanguard” of the anti-apartheid movement. Secretary Clinton sent a “call out” to South Africans to model the legacy of Nelson Mandela and the […]

  Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born on this date July 18, 1918 in South Africa. Mandela was the first ever to be elected President in a fully representative democratic election 1994-1999. He was an anti-apartheid activist, leader and co-founder of Umkhonto We Sizwe. The group was affiliated with the African National Congress (ANC). Mandela was […]