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Cape Town -U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrapped up her 11-tour in South Africa on Wednesday. Her tour ended with a speech at the University of Western Cape, honoring it as “vanguard” of the anti-apartheid movement.

Secretary Clinton sent a “call out” to South Africans to model the legacy of Nelson Mandela and the country to take an even larger stand to promoting democracy and human rights throughout out world.

“You will decide whether South Africa moves forward and not backward. You will decide whether South Africa seeks to erase old dividing lines in global politics,” said Clinton. “You will decide whether South Africa sets aside old suspicions and instincts and embraces new partnerships tailored to 21st century challenges.”

Secretary Clinton said the U.S and South Africa have alot in common as they both share a “deep and abiding” connection through both countries’ history of confronting and healing from oppression.

Clinton started the first day of her to tour by visiting former South African President Nelson Mandela and his home in Quni. She shared some of her memories with students on her first trip to South Africa for the inauguration of the now 94-year old freedom fighter and leader.

Clinton closed her speech by calling upon South Africa to continue Mandela’s struggle for human rights, dignity and opportunity not only at home, but also abroad.

U.S. Secretary of State Clinton attended a dinner on Tuesday hosted by South African foreigh minister Maite-Nkoana-Mashabene and dance the night away. Watch the video