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Attorney General Mark Herring announced on Wednesday that Virginia is suing the Sackler family that owns Purdue Pharma. He said the family made a fortune off drugs they knew were deadly and addictive.

The third top Virginia elected official has admitted to wearing blackface while in college. Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring said that he wore blackface in the 80s when he dressed up as a rapper at a party. He said he was 19, he and some friends in college wanted to dress up as rappers they […]

While still a teenager at the Mark Herring recalls a college party in 1980 where he wore blackface.

Virginia Attorney General Michael Herring is cracking down on hate crimes in Virginia. This is in response to the new FBI data showing a jump in hate crimes in the commonwealth. AG Herring is pushing bills where he wants to be able to prosecute hate crimes and restrict gun rights for those convicted of a […]

United Communities Against Crime, Clovia “Miss Community” Lawrence and Delegate Deloris McQuinn will host the “Through Your Eyes, A Community Conversation” on Tuesday, July 12 from 6pm-8pm. Do you have rights at a traffic stop? What are they? What is the General Assembly going to do about new legislation for public safety for all people […]

  Virginia’s Attorney General Mark Herring announced this week that he is creating a new re-entry position for his office to better serve ex-offenders upon release from incarceration. Herring is creating a Statewide Re-Entry Coordinator position and online Re-Entry Portal within Attorney General’s office. The new statewide position will identify the gaps and serves as a resource for local jails, businesses, social […]

A federal court in Norfolk, Virginia is scheduled to hear arguments this Tuesday in the case aimed at overturning Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban.  Old Dominion University Professor Timothy Bostic and real estate agent Tony London are suing Norfolk Circuit court after they were denied a marriage license. Also, parties to the lawsuit are Chesterfield couple Mary […]

  Saturday, January 11 was the swearing in of Virginia’s 72nd governor Terry McAuliffe. The day began with fog, clouds, showers, strong wind gusts to heavy downpours of rain. Yet, hundreds still attended the inaugural ceremonies with a glimpse of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Members in the General […]

  The 2013 Virginia Attorney General Race has been too close to call following last Tuesday’s election. The polls closed on November 5 with Republican Mark Obenshain enjoying a lead in the AG race. A few hours later the exit poll numbers showed Democrat Mark Herring closing in on Obenshain. Days ago, it was Obenshain  […]

Virginia has an election every year which means the peoples’ voice should be heard on issues of healthcare, education, civil rights, justice, jobs and medicare. Every aspect of your life is decided on at the “stroke of a vote”. There are three contenders in the Virginia governor’s race for 2013  Democrat Terry McAuliffe , Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Libertarian […]