Kobe Bryant

Just because the NBA can’t get it together doesn’t mean the ballers can’t still ball. For the highest paid athletes in the league, acquiring an international players card is no problem. In fact, Kobe Bryant is being sought so hard by the Italian league Virtus Bologna that its president, Claudio Sabatini, tells The Associated Press […]

          Los Angeles Lakers superstar guard Kobe Bryant is under investigation in San Diego after he was accused of injuring a church-goer he thought was taking pictures of he and his wife with his cell phone.  Bryant apparently attended Sunday services at St. Therese of Carmel Valley Church, and when he thought he was being photographed,  he […]

Should the NBA lockout persist for a while, Kobe Bryant should just spend every day collecting checks from rapper Bow Wow. It won’t require a lot of effort. He’s guaranteed to make money. And he doesn’t put his body at risk whatsoever. For reasons unknown to anyone who’s remotely familiar with basketball, Bow Wow challenged […]

If you’ve been watching the NBA playoffs and are wondering why the Lakers aren’t kicking butt, I think I have the answer. Word on the street is that there’s beef between Kobe Bryant and his teammate Pau Gasol. Sources are saying that Gasol who was recently dumped by his longtime girlfriend/fiance is blaming Kobe for […]

If records were made to be broken, then surely Petersburg native and NBA Hall Of Famer Moses Malone knew this week would come.  Moses, who left Petersburg High School to go into Pro hoops, stood at 6th on the NBA’s all-time scoring list until last night when the Lakers Kobe Bryant surpassed him. The night […]

No sport has been more celebrated in the black community than the game of basketball. From the gifted athletes, to the way the players transcended their sport and became celebrities for their athletic talents, basketball, if not America’s game, is black America’s game. Here are nine basketball players who made it so. Related: 25 Reasons […]

     NBA Champion Kobe Bryant could definitely write a book on re-inventing a career following a public relations crisis. A recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive online revealed that Kobe has now moved into the popularity penthouse in a 1st-place tie with Golf sensation Tiger Woods, who remains a fan favorite despite his recent troubles. […]

From NBA.com In an interview with NBA TV, President Obama said he expected the Los Angeles Lakers to repeat as NBA Champions.  He also discussed similarities between basketball and politics, among other topics. Obama sat down with play-by-play announcer Marv Albert on the outdoor basketball court at the White House for the 11 minute interview. […]

We weren’t the only ones confused when these photos of Kobe Bryant came out in the L.A. Times this week. The whole country seemed to just not get it. Was it offensive or just plain weird? Well, the stylist for the shoot has spoken out on the inspiration behind Kobe’s strange look.