A new study shows when people wear their hearts on their sleeves, they have an easier time attracting a mate and beginning healthy relationships. Click…

Being a working mother of boys could be bad for the heart. Listen to the audio player to hear how and why sons impact their…

  Go Red for Women! Join the Movement with the American Heart Association. Ladies, we need to take care of our heart like we take care of our hair. Did you know that heart disease kills 1 in 3 women each year? This adds up to approximately one woman every minute. What are the signs […]

   RICHMOND, Va (RADIO-ONE KISS): Richmond Muscle Walk, presented by MED, Inc. and James River Home Health, is Sunday, March 30, 1pm at the Diamond. To register visit http://www.musclewalkmda.org/richmond or call the local MDA office at 804-285-2961. The 22nd annual French Film Festival considered the largest French Film Festival runs though Sunday, March 30 at the […]

Teens and young adults, are you walking in your queendom or kingdom? I.AM.QUEEN, LLC presents the “Royal Heart Youth Summit” make no mistake about it because we are talking about it with distingushed panel guests this Saturday. The event is free to the public and will be held in the Colson Auditorium on the campus of Virginia […]

Annabelle Volgman says too many women feel ignored or dismissed by their doctors and the need for a place where they felt they could be…

As more and more members of the local community start to take care of themselves, our goal and mission continues to serving you all in the best way possible. This week, Miss Community Clovia’s “Community of Compassion” project turned it’s voice and influence to local hair salons where testings and free screenings took place in […]

African American women are the fastest growing population of Americans inflicted with heart disease. It is our pleasure, our duty & our honor along with Bon Secours clinicians and Councilwoman Cynthia Newbille to visit Richmond’s East End hair salons to promote heart health awareness with free screenings and on-site information about how to prevent heart […]

Show your support for the American Heart Association and wear red on National Wear Red Day, Friday, February 3rd. Also, the Go Red For Women Luncheon scheduled for February 17th, highlights the importance of women and cardiovascular disease. For details visit GoRedForWomen.org. 

People who eat chocolate regularly may not only be feeding their sweet tooth, but lowering their risk for heart disease, a new study suggests. Chocolate has been linked to reducing the risk of heart disease before, but in this analysis of recent studies involving more than 100,000 people, researchers find that those who eat the […]

Women are always complaining about how their man refuses to open up to them and show his emotions. There are hundreds of articles given advice to women about how to make your man feel comfortable with sharing with you and so on. There is little help for the brotha who has found the woman of […]

  Via: MedicineNet.Com Research shows that there is an increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease among men with erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels. The study, conducted by Dr. Giovanni Corona, observed the testosterone levels of men who were seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction. Many of those men suffered from heart attacks or other […]