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Women are always complaining about how their man refuses to open up to them and show his emotions. There are hundreds of articles given advice to women about how to make your man feel comfortable with sharing with you and so on. There is little help for the brotha who has found the woman of his dreams and she refuses to open up to him emotionally. He does everything he can to show her that he loves her and that he is trustworthy but she refuses to be open. Here are a few reasons why this woman is unwilling or even unable to be express her emotions

1. She hasn’t made her mind up about you yet

Most women have a defense mechanism up in the early stages of dating. If you have been dating a woman for considerable time period and you see that she insists on keeping those same walls up it might be because she has not yet decided how she feels about you. She may still be mulling over whether she is prepared to get serious with you. She may be deciding whether or not you fit the description of someone that she wants to deal with romantically.

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2. She has been hurt before, and before that..

If she has a brick wall up between you and her then chances are it is because she has been hurt by other men in the past. I say men because most women’s hearts do not automatically become cold after one incident with a bad boyfriend. It usually takes more than one negative experience before she hardens.

3. She may have deeper issues than you know

If you have been with your woman for an extended amount of time and still sense that she has barricades around herself then there may be deeper issues. Issues that have absolutely nothing to do with you. Perhaps she was abused by a male figure in her life whom she trusted, or has Daddy issues etc.. There is a huge chance that her issues have nothing to do with you or your relationship but more so with whatever is going on in her head and her heart that she has not dealt with.

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4. It may not be in her nature

It is stereotyped that all women are emotional creatures that enjoy sitting and discussing their feelings and thoughts. Wrong. Not every woman is going to be like that naturally. Some women may be more distant. This could be because of the way she was raised, or it could just be her personality. It could have nothing to do with you. She probably behaved the same way in every relationship she has ever been in.

5. She generally does not trust men.

Some women are taught from birth by other women in their lives not to trust men. Their mothers and aunts and sisters were treated badly by men or experienced some form of abuse and they teach their daughters, to protect themselves. To always be strong and to never trust men because it will only lead to hurt and pain. This also applies to women who have no outline for a healthy relationship. Women who have never seen another woman involved in a healthy relationship with a man. They may not feel that it is possible and assume that at some point the man they love will flick a switch internally in him and abandon her.

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