A joint banking account could be the answer to your financial woes while your partner may not be keen on risking their good credit, especially if you’re not married.


These couples are so hot together, they set the red carpet on fire at the Academy Awards!


Check out our gallery of celeb couples whose love didn't last forever.

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Angelina and Brad called it quits, but we've still got some great celebrity couples to admire.

A man’s new girlfriend has an issue with the fact that he’s still in contact with his ex-girlfriend’s daughter- who he basically raised as his own. While he has no intention of cutting off his three year old “stepdaughter,” Spirit advises him on how to handle the insecurity that his currently is acting out on. […]

A woman calls up Spirit and with some questions about her two-year relationship with a man who she suspects of still being involved in some capacity with his baby mama. She feels as though his attentions are split in a way that goes beyond parenting the same child with her, and asks for Spirit’s advice. […]

A blended family is a beautiful thing when all the communication is happening freely. A woman with three kids ,who has just recently gotten married to a man with three kids, is having a bit of difficulty uniting the home. Issues like these, Spirit says, are totally common when two people and their kids from […]

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His presence is making Wendy and the entire crew "miserable."

Turns out whether or not people enjoy “pillow talk” after sex has a lot to do with their testosterone levels- whether they’re male or female. Click on…

Sometimes, the non-romantic relationships in our life will get in the way of a strong and healthy romance. Click on the audio player to hear Jasmine…