amber rose tattoo

Source: Jeff Kravitz / Getty

Amber Rose not only challenges traditional ideals of feminism, she also challenges archaic beauty standards. The bald beauty continues to push the boundaries of what is considered appropriate behavior for women. And her latest ink — a forehead tattoo that reads the names of her two sons — does precisely that.

Yes, Amber Rose got Slash and Bash tattoed on her forehead.

It’s bold. It’s in your face. It’s Amber Rose doing what Amber Rose does…start conversation. If anything, she’s true to her brand, which is unapologetic and authentic.

It’s been a while since she’s shot to the top of the trending tab on Twitter, but her tattoo debut is sparking plenty of reactions. Amber’s latest ink should come as no surprise. Sis has two tattoo sleeves.

Whether you agree with the latest addition to her in inked masterpiece, she makes it looks sexy and stylish.

Keep scrolling to see some bad a** photos of Amber’s tattoos.

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