Business & Economy

A federal appeals court has temporarily blocked Biden’s student debt relief program from forgiving billions of dollars in federal student loans as six states argue that President Biden has no right to cancel those debts. 

In an effort to fight a recession, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates by 0.75 percentage point for second consecutive time. 

Prople didn’t opt out of advance payments received half of their money in 2021, and those who unenrolled from advance payments can both receive their remaining expanded child tax credit money after filing their 2021 taxes, but you need the IRS Letter  which the IRS sent out in late December and will continue to send […]

Facebook changed its name to Meta in late October and said it plans to delete the data it had gathered through its use of facial-recognition software, which involved over a billion people’s faces.The company plans to stop using facial-recognition software that could automatically recognize people in photos and videos posted on the social network, marking a […]

Apple has announced that Arizona and Georgia will be the first states to allow residents to digitally store their driver’s licenses or state IDs to Apple Wallet while working with other states across the country to allow people to add their IDs to their iOS devices. Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah will be the next […]

Square, the mobile payments company co-founded by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, is acquiring a majority stake in Jay-Z’s Tidal music streaming platform. Square will pay a mix of cash and stock in the amount of $297 million for a significant majority ownership stake. Existing artist shareholders will be the remaining stakeholders. Jay-Z will join Square’s Board of Directors. […]

Multiple casino proposals have been submitted since Gov. Ralph Northam signed legislation into law which authorized Richmond to host casino gaming establishments. Urban One unveiled plans for a $517 million entertainment, dining and gaming destination at 2001 Walmsey Boulevard that would be the nation’s only Black-owned casino if chosen. Bally’s Corporation is proposing a $650 million […]

Get ready for another toilet paper shortage. Walmart officials say several of their stores around the country have been overwhelmed by shoppers who are stocking up in anticipation of another shutdown. “It really does have everything to do with what’s happening with COVID cases in any particular community,” says CEO Doug McMillon. “I was in stores […]

Beyoncé dropped a surprise new song “Black Parade” on Juneteenth, just after she announced a new initiative to support black-owned businesses. “Happy Juneteenth Weekend! I hope we continue to share joy and celebrate each other, even in the midst of struggle. Please continue to remember our beauty, strength and power.” See story here

  Ford has backpedaled on its plan to unveil the new Bronco on O.J. Simpson’s birthday. Originally set for July 9th, the highly-anticipated SUV’s debut has been scrapped and rescheduled for July 13th, Ford announced Friday. The change comes after the original date — July 9th, Simpson’s 73rd birthday — sparked controversy as people accused the […]