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We recently told you that Rihanna is getting ready to embark on a film career.  The “Rude Boy” singer is in talks to star in “The Last Dragon” remake.

During a recent interview with MTV News, the “Hard” singer said she would love to start a career in film.

She states:

“I would love to get into comedic movies, as well as action. I love action. I would love to play a badass one day.” Rihanna doesn’t have a particular co-star in mind, but says she has a fondness for comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. She remarks, quote, “I love him. I watched ‘Bruno’ and ‘Borat’ 50 million times.” A career in movies isn’t the only thing Rihanna has on her horizon. The R&B vocalist says she would also like to dip her feet into the world of fashion. She explains, quote, “I always wanted to do a fashion line of my own, because I love fashion,” adding, quote, “it’s another way for me to be creative.”

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Check out Rihanna’s Hit-Or-Miss fashion sense below!

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