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This is for the brothas who might have dated a sista that had it going on and she blew his mind. She is a winner and he knew it. He dated her for a while and then suddenly her phone calls slowed down, visits started to slow up as well. Finally, she disappeared as if she were a wet dream that never happened. Here are 5 reasons why you were not hubby material and she had to chunk the deuces at you. Sure we might let you take us out a time or two but we will never, and I repeat never be a couple. Think of it in the same way that men do. When they deal with a woman they decide how far they want the relationship to go. They may feel that she is not of wifey caliber. Sure he might still have sex with her but he will never take her seriously.

The disappointing aspect is that many of these guys do have some kind of potential. They really do. But it would take a life time and a lot of blood sweat and tears to dig it out of them. Who the hell has time for that? Not a woman with a good head on her shoulders and much more to offer than her fat ass. “Well LJ, why even deal with him at all then?” Well pudding pops there a lot of reasons why women deal with men who they would never date seriously. They could just want male companionship, he could be yummy eye candy, or the sex could be ridiculously, orgasmically good. Yep. It is that kind of party. Finally, finding compatibility, love and dating is a dirty game. It is never a clear and easy path for either sexes. That is only for the movies. Grab hold of my hand precious.

Fantasia Spotted With Married Boyfriend

1. You Have No Life Plan

A chick with a good head on her shoulder does not need and damn sure shouldn’t want a man with no plans for the future, no visions and thinks life is but a dream or even worse. A party. You might slow up her grind. That is something that she cannot risk. So sure, we might hang here and there, but you will never be daddy.

2. You Lack Maturity

This is for the guys who you might deal with here and there and every time you talk to them, they are STILL on the same crap that they were on when you talked to them a year ago. You are hoping that they will have an internal growth spurt but it does not seem to be one on the horizon. There are no new developments in his personal life, business-wise or internally. The problem with him is that he is not necessarily a bad guy but he still walks around like its 1999 and he is still 18 years old. He lacks maturity and refuses to grow. What a bore… To Read The Rest Go To YeahSheSaidIt

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