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After a TikTok video mocking the intro of Aaliyah’s ‘4 Page Letter’ surfaced, Missy Elliott decided to address and explain what really happened on the Timbaland produced record. The song begins with Aaliyah repeatedly asking someone behind the scenes to “turn my music up” as the sound builds during the intro.

“Funfact?? when I was in the booth singing this my engineer had the music to low so I was telling him to turn it up but Aaliyah thought I meant to do it so she sung it like i did on the demo but it was a mistake ? but she loved it ???? so we kept it like that ?? And since Babygirl loved the mistake I told Jimmy the engineer to keep raising the music on the track everytime she say turn it up so it would make sense to the listeners so y’all wouldn’t think we was crazy ?? this skit is damn near what happened tho?.

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