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Close-up of couple holding hands

Source: WIN-Initiative/Neleman / Getty

This week on the Internet, it’s all about them hands.

And no, I’m not talking about McDonald’s fights or any other dark twisted subject your mind was headed in.

I’m talking about three head-scratching hand tricks that’ve captivated social media.

The first trick has folks exploring the wondrous things their palms can do thanks to Twitter user @kay_dera. Peep her magic-like trick below!


The Twitter user posted her video on Tuesday and already it has gotten over 1.85 million views.

So clearly, the Internet’s mind was blown.

It wasn’t long before other people dared to try @kay_dera’s trick.

Some folks had it ALL wrong…

Others had to flex on us with a “first try” execution…

Some put a poppin’ soundtrack to their moves.


Then of course, there were those who were still lost in the sauce…

Finally, a good person of the people decided to do the challenge at a slower pace and from a different angle. She cracked the code for many folks who were still lost on how the hand trick was done.

Hit the next page to peep the video!

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