The next gesture was started by Dele Alli of the Tottenham Hotspur football club in London.

At the Premier League season, the famed soccer player helped his team beat Newcastle 2-1 on Saturday, August 11. To celebrate, Alli threw up a hand gesture that was nothing short of miraculous.


At first glance, his move seems simple, but when people tried to execute it, they were shook by how hard it was.

Dele tried to show people how to do it on IG, but many folks were still lost…

Frustrations were high…

Some people remained hopeless…

And others were just plain mean…

But eventually, people got the hang of it…


And once again, a few kind souls slowed everything down and showed us how it’s done.

But if you got that hand trick down, don’t get too excited. Another one has now surfaced to once again blow your mind.

And again, the Internet was shook.

Some people are even taking things to a whole new level.


Tired yet?

If you need a break, we understand.

But if you’re still in the game, hit the next page to watch how the #DeleAlliChallenge 2.0 is done!

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