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Donald Trump is an advocate for racial profiling and it’s time for African-Americans and people of color to embrace the Dump Trump movement.

Last week, Trump said it’s time for the United States to start looking at racial profiling to prevent mass shootings in the aftermath of the Orlando attack where 49 people were killed at a gay nightclub, the deadliest shooting spree in U.S. history.

“I think profiling is something that we’re going to have to start thinking about as a country,” Trump said during an appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation.

“Other countries do it, you look at Israel and you look at others, they do it and they do it successfully,” he said. “And I hate the concept of profiling, but we have to start using common sense and we have to use our heads.”

Trump has already called for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country and his racist policies — should he become president — are deeply troubling.

Now Trump says he supports racial profiling — specifically targeting people of color, which could allow police to legally harass citizens based on the color of their skin.

“When you look at people within the Muslim community and where people are living and they don’t report, and a good example of that would be San Bernardino,” Trump said. “I mean, they had bombs all over their apartment floor and people saw it and nobody reported them, and 14 people were killed, many injured.”

So why should Black folks care? Because Trump could win the election and wind up in the White House.

For now, Hillary Clinton is leading Trump in the polls and her lead could hold — or Trump could overtake her if Trump’s message of racial intolerance continues to resonate with a large section of the electorate.

A Monmouth University survey released this week shows Clinton taking 47 percent support over Trump at 40 percent among registered voters nationally.

Trump’s new revelation comes as a contentious Senate failed to pass a series of gun control measures, the first proposed bills on gun restrictions after the Orlando shootings.

Yet Trump claims he enjoys widespread support from African-Americans.

That’s actually amusing.

“We’re going to rebuild our inner cities, which are absolutely a shame and so sad,” Trump said in a speech this month. “We’re going to take care of our African-American people that have been mistreated for so long.”

How? Trump never offers specifics, just rambling generalizations. He isn’t working in the best interest of our country; he is running a chaotic campaign based on racism and fear and his strategy, so far, is working.

The presidential election is five months away. Hillary Clinton is campaigning hard and she’s not taking anything for granted. She knows all too well how quickly elections can slip away.

How do you stop Trump? Vote in November.

Two weeks ago, at a rally in Redding, California, Trump looked out over the throng of supporters and singled out a Black man in the crowd.

“Look at my African-American over here,” Trump said.

Seems like Trump’s racial profiling plan has already started.

What do you think?

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