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In the high-stakes race for the White House, Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders battled over the former First Lady’s speaking fees and her stance on minimum wage during a rollicking debate in New York City’s Brooklyn community.

The debate came just days before New Yorkers head to the polls on Tuesday in a state were 291 delegates are up for grabs.

Until Thursday, the Democratic candidate debates had been relatively staid compared to their Republican rivals, who have resorted to targeted spouses, xenophobia, and other cheap shots.

From Reuters:

Sanders and Clinton challenged each other’s judgment and experience in New York’s Brooklyn borough on Thursday night in their most bellicose of nine debates, laying bare the mounting pressures on them both without seeming to change the dynamics of the race.

The Sanders campaign released a television ad on Friday that skewered Clinton, without naming her, as accepting more than $200,000 from Wall Street for a speech while not embracing raising the minimum wage from the current $7.25 to $15.


When the two-hour debate ended, social media analyst Brandwatch said Sanders had more than 173,000 mentions on Twitter, 55 percent of them positive, while Clinton had more than 191,000 mentions, 54 percent of them negative. Clinton mentions were more negative than positive in two out of the three previous debates.

The Democratic convention will be held in Philadelphia in July, when a nominee will be named. The presidential election will be held on Nov. 8.


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