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Governor Terry McAuliffe declares Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week in Virginia on October 18-24, 2015.


From the American Cancer Society:

A breast cancer is a malignant tumor that starts from cells of the breast. A malignant tumor is a group of cancer cells that may grow into (invade) surrounding tissues or spread (metastasize) to distant areas of the body. Breast cancer occurs mainly in women, but men can get it, too. Many people do not realize that men have breast tissue and that they can develop breast cancer.

Over 2300 men are diagnosed each year. About 440 men will die from breast cancer. Learn about men and breast cancer here.

Rudi Jackson, a is a two-time breast cancer survivor, shares his story with me on Radio One Richmond’s Kiss Fm. Jackson found his lump while in the shower. He waited one week later before heading to the doctor. His doctor performed a biopsy and it was breast cancer which is rare in men.

Community Clo interviews Rudi Jackson, play audio here….

View story from WTVR.

Rudi Jackson is an invited guest to Community Clo’s Cancer Survivors Day Gala on Sunday, October 11th at the beautiful Zoetic’s Bar and Lounge located 17 West Main Street. This is a FREE event from 2:3pm-until with music provided by DJ Flava of iPower 92.1 Fm, food and pink drink specials.  Also, I will accept donations for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. American Cancer Society Representatives will be no hand.

Other featured guests are Delegate Deloris McQuinn, cancer survivors, those in treatment, Radio One listeners, social media followers, family and friends.