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After the terrible building collapse in Philadelphia on June 6, police are now mounting an investigation for gross recklessness by the demolition contractors.

One of the survivor’s Nadine White, is filed a lawsuit on Thursday to obtain financial damages. Her lawyer calling the collapse and”entirely preventable tragedy that resulted from gross recklessness on the job site.” .

It was stated that the demolition contractor, Griffin Campbell, had violated several federal safety regulations, and the owner of the building, Richard Basciano, should have picked a more competent contractor for the job.

After investigation, it has been revealed that Campbell has been arrested on charges that involve drugs, assault, insurance fraud and has filed for bankruptcy twice.

Since the incident, the city has been inspecting demolition sites by the hundreds. So far, 30 sites had been inspected, with plans to visit the rest by next week.

Duing these inspections, four construction & demolition sites connected to Campbell were discovered. Violations were found at two of these sites and work was halted.

After the discovery of Campbell’s arrests, there has been a call for a stricter application and inspection process for demolition companies.