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According to the offial investigation into the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State University, school President Graham B. Spanier, Head Football Coach Joe Paterno, now deceased, and others participated in failure to report or stop the now well-known activities of Sandusky, an assistant coach with the Nittany Lions. The investigation, led by former FBI Director Louis Freeh, cited the university for being more concerned about image and bad publicity.

The report suggests the leaders of the university and the football program showed a complete lack of empathy for the child victims involved in the case, and they showed total ignorance of child abuse issues and the laws in place to either stop or prevent this type of crime from happening. Paterno, who is legendary in the sports world and an iconic figure in college football, was found to be complicit in the scandal as well, and even though deceased, his supporters will continue to revel in his memory as their hero on the sidelines.

The Paterno family has responded to the report saying that he had no knowledge of Sandusky’s horriffic crimes and that any report that says otherwise is a distortion of the truth.