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On episode 4 of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Phaedra Parks presented Kandi with a huge birthday present in the form of ATL stripper ReD*CKulous. Now we’ve all seen strippers on “RHOA” before….but it’s a certain “self-service” act that he performed that really set folks like Kandi’s momma off.

First some background….Sex toy expert Kandi Burruss celebrated her 35th birthday. So preacher’s kid Phaedra Parks hired her client ReD*CKulous to do a birthday set. No biggie right? Well….you might remember that Phaedra said last season that she knew a stripper who could give himself oral sex….well…that’s him!

We don’t actually see it on camera….but let’s assume Phaedra didn’t bring him out unless he was gonna show off his tricks. Whatever did happen…it upset a lot of viewers.

TVOne news host Roland Martin tweeted:

If you watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta last night #RHOA, you have a lot of brain cells missing this morning. Pure TRASH/GHETTO TV

And it also upset Kandi’s momma who summed it up best, “This is some bullsh*t!”

Was the party with the stripper inappropriate or was it just all in good fun?