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Ashton Kutcher, 33, said he had sworn off relationships before he met his wife Demi Moore, who was divorced from Bruce Willis after a 13-year marriage.

“We met in New York, where I was hosting Saturday Night Live, and at the time I was saying to myself, “I’m going to party, I’m going to sleep with this girl and that girl and just have a good time”,” he said.

“And then I met Demi and it was like, I can’t not be with this person. I think it’s fate in a way. Anyone who’s looking for a relationship can’t find one, but as soon as you let go of the need or desire, it’ll show up, just like that.”

He said Demi’s former husband, tough guy actor Bruce Willis, is one of his favorite people to hang out with.

“At first it was difficult. You think, he’s the guy who used to sleep with my wife, but once you overcome the jealousy, which is just your own personal insecurity, it gets easier.”

“People ask us, ‘How do you guys get along so well?’ Well, I don’t like everything Bruce does, and I’m sure he doesn’t think everything I do is great. But being with Bruce is normal to me now. We go scuba-diving, skiing, we hang out with the girls together, we watch movies, we talk about sports.”

The relationship shared by Ashton and Demi and Bruce has been the subject of countless conversations. But one question that many of us continue to ask is “Should You Stay Friends With Your Exes?”

It works for them, why not you?

Is this even realistic?

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