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Tyrese has touted himself as both a bonafide movie star and R&B singer but lately Tyrese has become a triple threat adding advice guru to his title. With the success of his book, “How To Get Out of Your Own Way” Tyrese can’t avoid questions about relationships.

Recently Tyrese has this to say:

I’m not a relationship expert where the hell did that come from? I’m not a relationship expert; I’m just a dude with an opinion. I got homies and homegirls that’s like everybody else who go through some stuff and they call you for advice.

Well, if a man is going to move like that, then I don’t really think it needs a title. It’s just you moving around. The title polygamy is just like a concept of you moving around. Just ‘do you’ but my thing is if you’re going to move around like that, get your pimpin’ right and at least give the girls a heads up because I think the dipping off five-six women simultaneously making them all think they’re the only one, that’s when people get fired up at the end. But if your pimpin’ is right like “look, I’m just not in that space right now to be settling down focusing on one”, then you move around a little bit. At least you give them the heads up and allow them to make a choice and say “Nah, I’m not with it or I am.”