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Students are victims of cyber bullying and are affected emotionally and mentally by it on a day-to-day basis.

The Internet is a significant source of today’s modern age bullying. This bullying is known as cyber bullying. Such bullying allows one to threaten taunt and belittle individuals by means of technical communication, whether it be done via instant message, e-mail, chat rooms, or social networking. The effects that these incidents have on students are serious; they cause emotional and psychological damage, as well as humiliation.

Social networking sites are a significant source of the crime. Sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are used as a means of harassing an individual. “Social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace are growing fast, and so are the cyber bullying incidents originating from them…Experts believe that they will soon overtake chat rooms as the top source of cyber bullying problems worldwide,” says Saul Levmore of Harvard College. Cyber bullies attack their victims by sending threating messages, posting offensive or embarrassing pictures and/or comments on these sites.

Doing such may cause that individual to endure so much emotionally and mentally they often result to harming of themselves, others, or even worse committing suicide. According to author Sandra Giddens, “About half of the students affected by cyber bullying commit suicide.”

Thankfully, the victims of cyber bullying are not helpless. There are various sources and outlets that cater to cyber bullied individuals. School counselors, law enforcement, as well as organizations that provide specific assistance. Working to Halt Online Abuse and Workplace Bullying Institute are two online nonprofit organizations, both started in 1998. “WHOA, reports an average of 100 requests for help a week from people eighteen and older.” Says Caleb Daniloff of Boston University. Other than the support of family and other mature responsible adults, it is programs like these that leave hope for victims.

However, parents, the first source and the most significant source are you. If you would like to prevent, or cease your child/teen from being cyber bullied check out this article http://edition.cnn.com/2010/TECH/web/10/04/cyber.bullying.tips/index.html and gain insight on how to successfully do so. Also take a look at the 9 possible signs and symptoms of cyber bullying and determine whether or not your child/teen is a victim.

• Hesitant to be online; nervous when an Instant Message, text message or Email appears

• Visibly upset after using the computer or cell phone or suddenly avoids it

• Hides or clears the computer screen or closes cellphone when you enter

• Spends unusually and longer hours online in a more tense pensive tone

• Withdraws from friends, falls behind in schoolwork’s or wants to avoid school

• Suddenly sullen, evasive withdrawn, marked change in personality or behavior

• Trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, excessively moody or crying, seems depressed

• Suspicious phone calls, e-mails and packages arrives at your home

• Possible drop in academic performance

words by: Shamari Maryland

Curtesy of http://shine.yahoo.com/

Article Source http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/parenting/is-your-child-being-cyberbullied-important-signs-577100