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We all love our men and want our men to be our so-called “best friend.” That makes sense in theory, but in reality, all this does is cause unnecessary drama. Your man is NOT your best friend, because if he were, he would know the TRUE number of men you’ve slept with! Only your dearest and most trusted friends know that number and your fake number, cause they were there with you through all your sexcapades. So stop throwing that title on your man, and put a complete stop to gossiping with him.

I have this friend… let’s just call her ‘Sue’ to protect her from the ass whoopin’ I’m about put on her in this blog. Not too long ago I dropped some very juicy “scoop” on her, and I mean juicy. Sue made the ‘ol girlfriend promise of not ever repeating the “scoop.” Never did I think I would have to break out the rules of engagement with this chick, because I thought it was a cardinal rule: when you say you’ll keep your mouth shut, you do it, and that includes not repeating a secret to anyone, even your man. However, Sue goes back and spills all the beans to her man. I guess the scoop was so good she just couldn’t hold it in. A couple of weeks go by, a group of us are at a dinner party together, and the subject of my scoop walks through the door. What does Sue’s husband do? Whispers in the oh-I’m-talking-about-you way to Sue and starts to giggle. WTF – are you kidding me?!?

Not only did that draw attention to them, but it was so obvious that they were talking about the “scoop” I told Sue in confidence. I had to go over and confront her about it. She admits to telling her man, and swears up and down that he won’t tell anyone. Again – are you kidding me? Men gossip just as much as women, maybe even more. The main reason for this is that they have fed into the myth that only women gossip, then they turn around and do the exact same thing and call it “hanging with the boys.”

Ladies, I am not saying you shouldn’t confide in your man; just don’t let it be with your friend’s “scoop.” Don’t give your man any ammunition to say something slick about your friends. Men come and go, but your friends are with you forever. Trust me, marriage does not mean forever. Sadly.

Mrs. Layla

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