God forbid, but if an earthquake hit tomorrow, you’d better believe the President’s critics would argue that Obama didn’t do enough to prevent it.  The latest knock on the Prez, his praising the Philadelphia Eagles and owner Jeffrey Lurie for giving QB Michael Vick a second chance following his conviction and prison stay.  Critics say Obama should not support Vick because he is a convicted felon.  In fact, Tucker Carlson, A FOX News analyst, even suggested that Vick should be executed for his crimes.  No, he was serious!  Everyone knows the President is a huge sports fan, and he’s a man of faith who believes in redemption.  I too, Like a lot of others, thought Vick would never play another down in the NFL, but what the President has actually done is opened the door for more discussion on second chances for convicted felons.  Of course, that’s a conversation the President’s critics would never want to have.  Thank God our Commander-In-Chief is also a human being…….

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