Wendy Williams

Prosecutors have decided to no longer pursue charges against Kevin Hunter, Jr.

Onlookers claim that the altercation became physical when Kevin Sr. put his son in a headlock.

On the hit talk show, the singer and songwriter dished on her ex and her amazingly talented daughter Zonnique.

Tyrese made some comments about women that Wendy didn’t like so during Wendy’s Hot Topics, she went in on Tyrese and said: “he likes men.” 9:55 Mark

Wendy Williams is no stranger to speaking her mind and she’s especially not afraid to do it when it comes to Tyrese. Tyrese was already in hot water for his absurd and lengthy comments critiquing women’s body choices back in March. After many women dragged him, Williams added to the backlash by calling out Tyrese on her […]

  Wendy Williams does not play when it comes to drug abuse. After Billboard magazine released their article investigating Chris Brown’s drug use, the talk show host had many thoughts during a segment in her show. Williams warned about how people can take advantage of Brown in the midst of his alleged drug use. When some audience members […]

Wendy Williams decided to speak out of turn regarding the reality star's relationship.

The 25-year-old recently announced that she'll be making the videos available soon for those that want a sculpted body like hers.

Williams gave her unsolicited opinion on Rob & Chyna, the E! television reality show.

During the hot topics segment of her talk show on Monday, Wendy talked about Kim Kardashian being robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

His presence is making Wendy and the entire crew "miserable."