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Douglas Muir, an adjunct professor at the University of Virginia, faces scrutiny after posting a disparaging message on Facebook aimed at Black Lives Matter.

This year alone, 24 unarmed Black men have been shot and killed by the police, and college and university campuses aren’t any safer.

As journalists, the truth is the only currency that we have.-Don Kaplan Rolling Stone faced all the hot water after freelance writer Sabrina Rubin Erdely reported on…

Prominent UVA news source, @cavalierdaily , publishes racist stories as April Fools jokes? #FailingToSeeTheComedy — UVA Nupes (@EtaSigmaNUPES) April 1, 2015 Jokes and pranks…

What you see above is a map of Detroit. The small colorful dots represent people, plotted to show where they live and their race. Whites are…

The 2013 NCAA Tournament, more affectionately known as March Madness won’t be the same to Richmonders without the VCU Rams,  but life goes on, and so does the Tournament, which continues tonight.  Two of the top seeds remain in the hunt, only Louisville & Ohio State have made it safely through as Indiana and Gonzaga have stumbled along […]

The 2013 NCAA Tournament, more affectionately known as March Madness is an event that certainly won’t be the same to Richmonders without the VCU Rams, who were ousted by Michigan last Saturday.  But life goes on, and so does the Tournament.  Three of the top seeds remain in the hunt, Louisville, Ohio State, and Indiana, all have […]

Today, President Obama will make a stop in Charlottesville, Virginia speaking at the nTelos Wireless Pavilion on his college tour. Virginia is the home of the University of Virginia (UVA). President Obama will discuss the choice for young voters in this election between two fundamentally different visions of how to grow the economy, in part by ensuring that our […]

  The Walter N. Ridley annual Scholarship event is Saturday, February 26, 2011.  The theme this year is “Why We Put Academics First” featuring Mike London, head football coach at UVA.  The event will be held at the Virginia Historical Society 428 North Boulevard in Richmond, VA.  Learn all about the Ridley Scholarship fund and register for […]

VIA THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER: University of Virginia lacrosse player George Huguely V told police he repeatedly shook his former girlfriend’s head into a bedroom wall, according to police documents that described the gruesome scene where the young woman died. But the Chevy Chase man’s defense lawyer said Huguely did not intend to kill ex-girlfriend Yeardley […]

VIA:  NBLSA.Org Melinda Hightower is a native of Detroit, Michigan, and attended Cornell University, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations in 2000. At Cornell, she was a Mening Family Cornell National Scholar and a member of the Cornell Debate Team. In 2000, she was selected to be member of […]