Warning people! If you have valuable items, please don’t leave them in your vehicle in plain sight. If fact, lock your doors. Richmond police say on Sunday, someone broke into and robbed several cars parked near the entrance of the James River Park. Two car windows were broken, but police say each car that was […]

Richmond police are looking for a group of teens that allegedly stole a dirt bike at gunpoint earlier this week. Christie Thigpen says her teenaged son was walking his bike home Wednesday when the group fired several shots at him from behind a tree. The teen said he laid down next to his mom’s SUV, […]

Word out of Colonial Heights is that a statewide notification has gone out to law enforcement after a sheriff’s deputy became a victim. Police say while a Dinwiddie County sheriff’s deputy was working out someone opened his gym locker and stole his uniform and badges. The incident happened Monday night at the Planet Fitness at […]

When a woman named Audrey Overton found that the stroller she uses for her daughter, Porkchop, had been stolen off of her front porch, she took to the internet to record a message so that the thief could see it and return it back to its rightful owner. The video went viral, bringing Audrey widespread […]

Baby Jesus  stolen from a Nativity Scene last week has since been recovered just in time for Christmas. Baby Jesus was stolen last week from a Central Park shopping area in Fredericksburg. Police have a suspect in custody 25 year old Amanda Crelia of Spotsylvania County. Crelia was caught because she posted the figure on […]

Jennifer Lopez’s “sex” tape has been stolen by her ex-husband Ojani Noa’s lawyer Ed Meyer. Three days ago, Jennifer Lopez won a temporary court order against Claudia Vazquez who obtained control of the tape from Ojani. In an attempt to still release the tape, Ojani sold the tape to his girlfriend/business partner Claudia for a […]